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Unbelievable Grid Word Guessing

Here comes the leader of BRAIN TEASERS from the creator of “Block!” , “Pipe Lines : Hexa”, and “Roll the Ball: slide puzzle”.
Find Hidden Words! Let us begin great words puzzle game! Having fun by playing addictive levels while discovering brand-new words!
Immediately you start to play, you’ll be oblivious of the passage of time! The goal of the Words Crush game by Bitmango is to uncover all hidden words.
With thisĀ  game you may easily improve your concentration, spelling skills, and vocabulary. Challenge yourself with this addictive and fun FREE word search puzzle.

Guess the word, obtain them and crush all!

We advice you scramble with acquaintances.

Think you adore guessing words? Play this game is a fun having a recognizable premise but with a much better design and theme.

About Words Crush

BitMango has created and released Words Crush, looking to be a wonderful choice for all types of word game lovers. The Words Crush game is available for Android and iOS for free, however there are in-app purchases in the application for assisting at every level.


  • Daily bonus rewards
  • Easy and Simple!
  • Five Modes : Normal, Easy, Hard, Variety, Extreme
  • FREE Daily Puzzle
  • Support both Tablets and Mobile Phones.
  • QUEST contents
  • Data Synchrozation with Facebook account
  • Free twenty hints, at the initial game
  • Wonderful exercise for the brain
  • FREE Update!


How to get started playing Words Crush? How To Play

  • Words may be horizontal, vertical, backwards, and diagonal.
  • Just move your finger over a word to choose it.
  • If you have found a correct word it will remain marked on the word list as found and highlighted.
  • Get all the words in the words list to finish the level.
  • Faster you get words higher the ranking & score.

Just like in a word guessing game, here the goal is the same, where you’ve to swipe your finger over a grid containing letters to get the right words. You may find words in horizontal, vertical, backwards, and diagonal modes, as required. You need to get all the words written on the words list to cross a level. Additionally, the Words Crush game takes the time needed to complete a word, hence you may check the ranking. There are additionally daily rewards and puzzles, and you may play the game in 5 modes, namely normal, easy, hard, variety, and extreme. If you can’t solve a level, there exist hints which will assist you get ahead, and you may purchase more from the store.

What is not great?

Just too many advertisements and more advertisements! From full screen ads to banner ads, the application has just too many occurrences simultaneously!

What is good?

The design and interface of the Words Crush game is unique and worthy, while the developers provide support for both Tablets and Mobile Phones. Words Crush also provides you free hints and possesses a tutorial at the beginning to help the players. Other benefits include data synchronization with Facebook, while puzzles are attractive as always.

Final verdict

Words Crush (By BitMango) is fun and happening, since it gets words guessing correct for a genre that is often thought to be overdone.